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Gift – Five Minute Friday

giftI have been given so many gifts. They’re not enough. I want more; I’ve always been immensely hungry (and still hope to get the biggest gift under the tree.)

I want to give more. No matter how much I give it’s not enough, will never be enough.

Gift is one place where “not enough” is good. I always want to be hungry to receive, hungry to give, hungry to be a gift.

But only God, Himself, is gift enough and what have I to give Him? Myself, yes. But I want to give Him more.

He has given me a childlike faith. I pick “flowers” and give them to Him as we stroll through my life is immense. Often, those flowers are weeds. Those too are a gift for Him.

And for me too.

All of life is gift – the good and the really bad and everything in-between.

May I be a gift to everyone I encounter. May I be worth opening and peeking at and exclaiming over, even a little bit. May I be the kind of gift that surprises and fills hearts with hope and courage and joy.


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