about the author

DB1Drusilla Barron never grew up properly. She is a hybrid of many things,not all of them public yet: orphaned waif, human being in training, devout Catholic, evangelical, big kid, fashionista, writer, scholar, dancer, singer, and, through Jesus Christ, victor. She reads several languages, only three of them dead, devours books, and continues to reread the Bible every few years. In addition to books, Drusilla enjoys toys, superheros, zombies,  action/adventure movies and, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She has found no reason to give up the things she loved as a child simply because she is (legally) an adult. Drusilla’s best Friend is still God and she is happy again.

She worked in law as a paralegal and case manager for about 15 years, took a six year break after the first eight: four spent working in fashion and two in not-for-for profit. Realizing the necessity of profit, she returned to law. Drusilla’s studied English Literature and Psychology as an undergraduate in New York City.

Currently, Drusilla lives in Houston, Texas where it is warm and her doctors are actually helping her recover from serious autoimmune illness. She is disabled but constantly forgets and hopes no one will ever find treatment for this particular strain of amnesia.

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