“I Wanna Bi-i-te You!”

“Bébé! I didn’t hurt you!”

“Why are you in here alone?” the man asks. “Come read in the living room.”

I carry my book into the other room. Marie practices the piano. The woman embroiders a cloth while watching Claire sew. I sit in the rocker. Under cover of my book, I suck my thumb.

“Take your thumb out of your mouth!” the man says.

I pull my thumb out and continue reading.

“I’ll just have to eat them all up.” The man is sitting on the floor with Ames. He bites his leg.

Ames gushes, “Do it again, daddy! Do it again!”

The man nips his legs again.

He looks up and sees me watching, “Come here. Let me see your legs.”

I remain still. He grabs my arm and pulls me onto the floor. He pushes up the leg of my jeans and bites me.


I push at him, struggle to escape. He puts one leg over my body. I continue to struggle.

He smacks my thigh, “That doesn’t hurt you! Ne fais pas le bébé!”
He bites me again. And again.

I sink my teeth into the part of his leg that is exposed between his sock and trouser. He jumps.

I sob, “I wanna bi-i-te you! I wanna bi-i-te you!”

The man hold me at arms length, laughs, “I wanna bi-i-te you!” He smacks my bottom. “Bébé! I didn’t hurt you! Go change for bed.”

The woman’s voice stalks me as I limp away, “I wanna bi-i-te you!”

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