Grateful – Five Minute Friday

Today, the last Five Minute Friday post for 2015, I’m to choose my own word. Since I’ve had a sore throat since Tuesday night when I woke with a fever, and, a week before that had a sinus infection accompanied by sore throat, I think my word is grateful.

Before I moved to MD to share a house with one best friend and live across the street from my other, being sick meant being alone, struggling to the drug store or supermarket, and just making it through. Even as a child, I pretty much just made it through. Now, they actually take care of me, bring me cough drops, aspirin, and other goodies. It’s not something I’m used to yet. I’m like a deaf person who can hear for the first time: Overwhelmed and so grateful. (Except the deaf people all cry and I’m not there yet.)

Here’s the video of the deaf hearing for the first time. It’s really cool. May God break your hearts this Christmas so that you can be even more grateful (even if, like me, you don’t cry and get all gushy).

And here’s my favourite piece of Advent music. E’en So Lord Jesus Quickly Come:


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  1. Oh how this music fills my soul! Thank you, thank you. Interesting that you chose grateful and I chose blessing. And we both have sinus infections! Aaak! And now the antibiotics are attacking my GI tract. Some things are more blessings than others.

  2. Oh, I hate a sore throat. Take care of yourself. I like your word, and it reminds me of something I read on a blog called Everyday Gyaan in which it’s suggested to choose a word that instills a goal for the coming year. I think that might be much more powerful than New Year’s resolutions, which I never see work for the folks who try it. You can reach the short article here if interested:

    Be well!

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