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baconThis week, the WHO placed bacon on it’s list of carcinogens. I was shocked and a bit frightened until I discovered that most food is listed as an actual or probable carcinogen. The only way to avoid cancer and, perhaps, live forever is to starve oneself or, at the very least, forego delicious food. It’s a glum world and I have better things to do.

So I’ll eat bacon and chocolate and eggs and cream and all sorts of other goodies that may hurt me. Everyone’s life comes with an unsurprising surprise, death. And death, for those who follow Christ, is a doorway from the initial experience of eternal life that begins in this world to the never ending experience of eternal life that will be filled with bacon and so many other joys.

I doubt heaven will the pig of Eden. Then again, Homer may be onto something here:


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  1. This made me lol! I ALWAYS talk about how when i get to heaven my mansion is gonna have a farmhouse table FILLED with air-popped popcorn with extra butter & salt, and an endless supply of coffee and dry red wine…wonder if I can talk Jesus into adding a side of bacon to that 😉

  2. So far, I have never experienced a real fear of death. Pain and disease are much more daunting. I hope to go out like a few friends of mine who simply keeled over with a fatal heart attack. Not easy for loved ones, but death never is. Thank you for the silly, Homer Simpson-induced smile.

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