Five Minute Friday: Door

NarniaWardrobeThe image of as Lucy as she peeps through the wardrobe door remains vivid in my mind though I was five when my first grade teacher read us The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe. Opening and looking inside is what I do when I encounter a door (as long as I have no reason to believe there is danger).

On the first day when the firm I worked for moved to new office space, instead of unpacking my office and determining that my cases had been safely transported, I went from floor to floor trying doors. One led to a room that held a huge tank and various bits of machinery — it seemed a good place to hide the bodies if there ever were any bodies. (After that first day, the door was always locked; I checked several times.)

I want to know what is behind a door but more so, I want to know where a door leads. Maybe… Just maybe…

There is a door between earth and heaven. I know the way. Jesus taught us the way. My heart is still torn between the two — earth is so lovely but I, who have longed so much for home, know this isn’t really home. For now I’m content to wait and work towards the day when that door is open for me and I rush through it because I also know Who will be there with outstretched arms.


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  1. I love your curiosity!! I like to know what lies behind the doors also. You have a imaginative mind 🙂
    And so thankful for JESUS our door to heaven. I feel also torn between the two, but eagerly await the day when heaven’s door will be open.

    1. I’ve sent a request so that I might read your blog. The user name is “helldoesntownme.” Thanks so much for stopping by.

  2. I long for that other home with Jesus as well.

    I also love that you tried out each door at the office, curious of what was on the other side. I am sure I would have done the same thing.

    Once, when my husband and I were looking around at homes to buy, we went to one where the closet was locked and had a code to get in. The owner was not about to let anyone look inside. I was always curious about what he must have been hiding. It was an interesting sight.

    Have a wonderful week, Drusilla!

  3. Lovely post. The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe is one of my favorite movies, and the scene of Lucy returning to the wardrobe in the final scene of the movie is filled with palpable longing. I also feel that longing at times. Blessings.

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