W is for Wow! Real Leviathans

I’m taking a bit of a writing break today. That leaves me with an opportunity to be a geek and post all sorts of neat things about real leviathans.

Kronosaurus Queenslandicus grew to about 30 to 33 feet long (that’s the same as or more than the height of five 6′ tall men). It was a carnivore and may have attacked humans:

Large, round bite-marks have been found on the skull of an Albian-age Australian …that could be from a Kronosaurus attack.

I get why Adam balked when he encountered Nachash. Meeting a real leviathan would terrify me; I’d have to pray (while fleeing) and ask God for courage to face it. Then, I’d probably hide hoping it would go away and only come out if I was convinced there was no other option. (Cowardice runs strong in my family and I inherited it.)

The most complete skeleton of a Kronosaurus Queenslandicus is at Harvard:

Kronosaurus Queenslandicus aren’t the only real leviathans. Cartorhynchus lenticarpus, the first amphibious sea monsters fossil that has been found, were even larger, up to 65′ (think tractor trailer). Though probably not carnivorous (in the sense of eating people), it’s size is truly terrifying.

We have no way of knowing what sort of Leviathan Adam faced. But looking at the sheer size of real leviathan fossils is enough to remind me that I probably would have done no better than he. I am also reminded that when I face real leviathans today, God must usually nudge me, sometimes even drag me kicking and screaming. I’m also reminded that the thing that I fear and what I dread rarely befall me. God has my back.


  1. As shared with another A to Z blogger, I tend to believe in guardian angels. I’m also grateful for faith which keeps me strong in difficult situations. Prayer is a huge part of that, and I think you are braver than you give yourself credit for. ~hugs~ Thank you for visiting me at http://darlamsands.blogspot.com/, which is currently number 1179 on the A to Z list.

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