Five Minute Friday: Real


I will not leave you as orphans 1You’ve not returned me to my family but, in returning me to the Church, You’ve led me to family. There are others who know they are reaching for the same salvation as I, others who walk the same road as I. Some are acquaintances. Some are distant. But Bridgett and Robert are just two of those who love me as their sister. That’s mind-boggling. I still don’t understand how anyone who isn’t related to me, who isn’t my real family, would choose to make me part of his family. It’s the exact opposite of what I experienced with the minister. Though he lay claim to me, tried to control me, I was never a real part of his family. I was always an outsider and that’s what I’ve always expected. But Bridgett not only contacted me to offer me a plane ticket so I could attend Helena’s wedding, she and Robert paid my expenses while I visited. I didn’t think I’d be able to go but Bridgett wanted me there and made it happen. I’m still overwhelmed by the love and friendship she showers upon me.

On my nightstand, sits a card Robert recently sent me. He admires my faith, admires that I freely share it. He’s been my friend, my brother for more than ten years now. I never fantasized about a brother. I was either an only child, alone, or Aschenputtel, at the whim of the wicked strangers who delighted to torment me. But You didn’t follow my imaginary script. You did not leave me an orphan. I just didn’t know all the ways You “set the solitary in families.” (1) But You’re not limited by my lack of knowledge. You’ve given me what I never expected. Your love far exceeds my imagination.

(1) Psalm 68:6, AKJV


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  1. Praying for you tonight with pain and joy mingled. So thankful he held you and carried you through and is still doing amazing things. He really does place us in an eternal family and he himself is our Big Brother. xxoo

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