Five Minute Friday: Gather

Once He gave me a lightening bolt.

Mt Saviour MonasteryAs I walked up the mountain to the women’s guesthouse from the chapel at Mount Saviour Monastery just outside Elmira, New York, I happily chatted with God. The week of silence and exquisite beauty had left me giddy with delight. Silence clears the heart and mind. And at Mount Saviour, silence is respected so much, those on silent retreat take meals separately from visitors who want company with their rest.

Walking up that mountain on the late-spring day when the rain came and went, my senses were filled with “what God hath wrought.” Each chipmunk, each deer, each bunny, each terrifying wasp spoke to me of the immense glory of God. At that moment, after evening prayer, I had only the inane chatter of an overwhelmed child who longed for the right words to say, “I love You.” I knew myself to be an infant in His presence, without words to express the depths of love my heart longed to sing.

Christ holding up childThen, in the misty evening, a lightening bolt creased the air and struck the path just in front of me as if God had gathered me up and swung high. The experience reminded me of times when Papa had caught me up when I was a little child. Back on the ground, back in this world, my feet were a little unsteady; my joy… In this world, how can I ever express my joy?

My breath caught in my chest: “You can do it again,” I asked/offered.

He declined.

Internal as well as external silence filled the remainder of my journey to the guesthouse. What could I say to the One who gave me a lightening bolt that didn’t terrify me when I am so terrified of being hit by lightening? I read eight languages and know, we just don’t have the words to respond when God gathers us up — at least not on this side of heaven.


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