Five Minute Friday: Open

Usually, the Five Minute Friday prompt segues into something I’ve been thinking or writing about. This week, I’m recovering from a sinus infection, my head feels soggy, and nothing comes to mind. when I feel this way I’d usually skip FMF. Not this week. Let’s see where this goes…


Often, I’ve been admonished that I must have an “open mind.” Usually, I’m being told that my faith and morals are close-minded, old-fashioned. I’ll usually ask, ‘Open to what? Everything? Anything? Even those things that will destroy me and make me less the person I’m working to be?’ The answers I receive range from head shaking to ‘You’re weird.’

God has blessed me with an impish mind and I wonder, what if I asked, Are we open to suffering? Are we open to sacrifice? Are we open to asking God to take the things we really don’t want and use them for His glory even if it hurts?

19 stitchesWhen my god-daughter’s little sister stepped into broken glass, she would allow no one to pour peroxide over the bleeding mess. Her mother was unwilling to suffer the howls and tears. Fully dressed, I climbed into the tub held the child’s foot, said, “This will hurt,” and poured on the peroxide. It was apparent, hers wasn’t a shallow cut. We rushed her to the emergency room for stitches.

She wasn’t my child and that probably made it much easier. But I had to be open to suffering (and ruining my skirt) for the child’s good including her anger because I did hurt her. I know so many who are angry with God because he allows suffering. Often, I think we are closed to Him and closed to understanding that He will allow us to suffer because sometimes (perhaps often) suffering is the only way to determine if we’ve just got a shallow cut or need stitches.


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  1. Wow, this is really good! Yes, we need to be open to suffering rather than always trying to avoid it whether ours or someone else’s. Often its during the times we hurt we are most aware of the presence of God, and we learn things. I’m not advocating trying to find ways to suffer and I’m sure you aren’t either, but when suffering comes we need to be willing to face it and do what is necessary. Thank you for such a poignant post. I’m glad you didn’t skip it this time 🙂

    1. Thanks so much. And you’re right, I’m not advocating that we ought to go in search for suffering. That’s masochism. But, if Job can accept the evil as well as the good, we might want to consider that God has good for us even when our feet are bloody and He’s dousing us with peroxide. My god-daughter’s little sister doesn’t even have a scar.

  2. Thanks for sharing and being open and real with what you are going through and even not feeling like you wanted to write, I enjoyed reading the realness of it all, and it challenged me in my faith

  3. I always love reading what you write! You have so much talent with your writing! I can relate to feeling like your morals are old-fashioned to some people. But you are far from weird! Keep doing what you are doing, shining as a light to others, even when those naysayers are shaking their heads. Blessings, Carrie

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