Five Minute Friday: Because

From Loved As If:

“I’ve had two abortions,” Rose declared. “And you know what I felt?”

“No,” Crissa replied gently.

“Nothing!” Rose shoulders hunched forward, her fists clenched.

Lines appeared across my forehead, “But oughtn’t you feel something?”

The room was silent save for the intent, regular breathing of five women. Rose’s shoulders and hands relaxed. After a moment she spoke, “I never thought about it that way.” Her head tilted to one side; she seemed to be reaching for something within herself.

A few weeks later, Crissa pulled me aside, “Please pray for Rose. We’ve been talking about her abortions. She’s considering a healing retreat.”

“I’ll pray,” I promised solemnly.

A few months later, Rose told us that her son’s girlfriend was pregnant. As we walked home together after Mass, I congratulated her.

“She doesn’t really want the baby but I told her I’d care for him,” Rose declared defiantly. The parish held a baby shower for the new mother, her baby, and for Rose. Rose cared for the baby until his parents for over a year.

This is the way Christian community works. We didn’t know each others’ back stories. We came together for Bible study, a meal, and community. Friendship grew as time passed; we became involved in each others’ lives. We came with open hands, hearts, minds, arms. Community opened us further.

Little-by-little, we revealed our wounds and triumphs and ordinary experiences. The hidden became public because attentive to Christ, we loved as He loves us without knowing what we did.

This is the only love that can heal our shredded souls. Natural love just isn’t enough. We need strong doses of extravagant, gratuitous, I-don’t-deserve-it, I-have-no-claim-on-it love. This is how God raises us to new life from suffering.


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  1. Thank you for penning this beauty. Oh how I loved to write the words of life and love. True love, raising each other when we can’t do it ourselves.

    Stopping by from Five Minute Friday

  2. This really touched me. It’s what the body of Christ is all about. I’m so in agreement of your words: “We need strong doses of extravagant, gratuitous, I-don’t-deserve-it, I-have-no-claim-on-it love. This is how God raises us to new life from suffering.”

    Write on, sister!

    1. Thanks so much. I’m so glad you visited my blog. I visited yours but was unable to leave a comment — my WordPress ID isn’t working. I love your FMF piece. It encouraged me to respond as God responds to me.

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