The Absurdity of God’s Love For Us

Jason Theobald writes about God’s unfathomable love for us at Ignitum Today:
Isn’t this, then, the absurdity of the love that He has for us? He loves us – and it is a complete, total, incomprehensible love – despite the fact that we are unable to reciprocate that love in the way that His love demands. The Creator of the whole universe spoke us into existence and loves us with every moment, yet we spend much of that time fighting back, flailing away from His grip of love and choosing ourselves over Him repeatedly. The brilliance of Divine Love is precisely that, no matter we do, He loves us. No matter how far we fall, no matter what choices we make, no matter how often we rebel our God will forgive us and accept us, allowing us to come back into His arms like only a perfect Father can.
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