Five Minute Friday: Reach

reaching-handsMy spiritual director once said, in response to my queries about how to respond to a roommate who was taking advantage of me, “Remember, you are both reaching for the same salvation.” I’ve tried to keep that in mind. We’re all reaching for the same salvation. Even those without faith reach for what they don’t know.

My heart breaks for atheists and anti-theists in a way it doesn’t for anyone else. Of course, I hate the divisions in the Church. Those too are heartbreaking. But to be without the experience of God’s faithfulness, the hope of the fulfillment of His promises, the joy of knowing to Whom we belong — that must be emptiness. An emptiness I can’t imagine.

My life has been full of suffering. It has also been overflowing with gifts and joy. When I snapped on that day, faith was already loaded. God was more real to me that the dimly seen figures through the screen door. They were the cotton balls from my dreams that knocked me about, the ones God used to slow my descent and keep me alive. I had to learn to accept that they too were people reaching for the same salvation as I. I am very, very fortunate that He has always reached down to me and my hands have never stopped reaching to Him. What I need and want the more than anything else is to continue reaching up to my Heavenly Father and remain safely in His arms.


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  1. “My life has been full of suffering. It has also been overflowing with gifts and joy” are words which speak vividly of my own life too. I love the way you describe grace and the daily hanging on to the One who reaches low for us. Amen, friend! This is a blessed read. Thank you. 🙂

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