From Last Chapter, Excerpt From “Five Little Peppers Grown Up”

“Phronsie sat quite still, and folded and unfolded her hands in her lap. ‘Why did God take away Helen?’ she asked suddenly, lifting her head. ‘Oh, Polly, it wasn’t nice of him,’ she added, a strange look coming into her brown eyes.

“‘Oh, Phronsie!’ exclaimed Polly, quite shocked, ‘don’t, dear; that isn’t like you, Pet. Why, God made us all, and he can do just as he likes, darling.’

“‘But it isn’t nice,’ repeated Phronsie deliberately, and quite firmly, ‘to take Helen now. Why doesn’t He make another little girl then for Mrs. Fargo?’ and she held Polly with her troubled eyes.

“‘Phronsie’–cried Polly; then she stopped abruptly. ‘Oh, what can I say? I don’t know, dearie; it’s just this way; we don’t know why God does things. But we love him, and we feel it’s right. Oh, Phronsie, don’t look so. There, there,’ and she drew her close to her, in a loving, hungry clasp. ‘I told you I didn’t think I could say the right things to you,’ she went on hurriedly, ‘but, Phronsie, I know God did just right in taking Helen to heaven. Just think how beautiful it must be there, and so many little children are there. And Helen is so happy. Oh, Phronsie, when I think of that, I am glad she is gone.’

“‘Helen was happy here,’ said Phronsie decidedly. ‘And she never–never would want to leave her mother alone, to go off to a nicer place. Never, Polly.’

“Polly drew a long breath, and shut her lips. ‘But, Phronsie, don’t you see,’ she cried presently, ‘it may be that Mrs. Fargo wouldn’t ever want to go to Heaven unless Helen was there to meet her? It may be, Phronsie; and that would be very dreadful, you know. And God loved Mrs. Fargo so that he took Helen, and he is going to keep her happy every single minute while she is waiting and getting ready for her mother.’

“Phronsie suddenly slipped down from Polly’s lap. ‘Is that true?’ she demanded.

“‘Yes, dear,’ said Polly, ‘I think it is, Phronsie,’ and her cheeks glowed. ‘Oh, can’t you see how much nicer it is in God to make Mrs. Fargo happy for always with Helen, instead of just a little bit of a while down here?’

“Phronsie went over to the window and looked up at the winter sky. ‘It is a long way off,’ she said, but the bitter tone had gone, and it was a grieved little voice that added, ‘and Mrs. Fargo can’t see Helen.’

“‘Phronsie,’ said Polly, hurrying over to her side, ‘perhaps God wants you to do some things for Mrs. Fargo–things, I mean, that Helen would have done.’

“‘Why, I can’t go over there,’ said Phronsie wonderingly. ‘Papa Fisher says I am not to go over there for ever and ever so long, Polly.’

“‘Well, you can write her little notes and you can help her to see that God did just right in taking Helen away,’ said Polly; ‘and that would be the very best thing you could do, Phronsie, for Mrs. Fargo; the very loveliest thing in all this world.’

“‘Would it?’ asked Phronsie.

“‘Yes, dear.’

“‘Then I’ll do it; and perhaps God wants me to like Heaven better; does he, Polly, do you think?’

“‘I really and truly do, Phronsie,’ said Polly softly.”

(Margaret Sydney, Five Little Peppers Grown Up:


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