Five Minute Friday: Close

Theme from Chapter 5:

All my friends were married or getting married and I wanted to get married too. So when a cute, interesting guy and I became friends at work, and became close over ice cream cones and long walks at lunch, I thought, Yes! Here’s my guy. I didn’t think of really knowing him, didn’t know what really knowing him meant — didn’t know myself. I though marriage. From our first “date.” I begged God for him, even told God that I would not ask for anything else. I was stupid. Close is sometimes not at all close. Sometimes, close is physical proximity with utter distance.


  1. So true! It is funny to look back over the guys I have begged God to be “the right one” in my prayer journals. Oh how very glad I am that He didn’t listen to me!!

    1. It’s so easy to be so silly. I thank God He put up with me & continues to do so. I’d have just zapped me for being so stupid.

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