Another Excerpt From Ch. 4: How I Wrote About God Without Mentioning God

I really want to write about You, I mutely told my Friend as I slipped the proposal for my senior thesis through my advisor’s slot twenty minutes before the building closed. You’re everywhere, I continued. Why can’t they see You? I sighed, I hope he accepts it.

My advisor smiled as I walked through his office door the following week, “This is an interesting idea. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.” I let my book bag drop to the floor and took a seat. “Tell me about…,” he glanced at my proposal, “The Development of the Daemonic in Modern English Short Stories.” I took a deep breath and began as I had practiced, “In grammar school, I discovered Shirley Jackson and Sheridan LeFanu. Here, I discovered E. M. Forster, Saki and Yates’ Mythologies. When I compare them, I realize they all wrote of the daemonic. It’s not necessarily evil but it’s definitely another order of life that isn’t necessarily safe, as C. S. Lewis would say. I want to write about the ways the idea of the daemonic changes as the West becomes more industrialized and more culturally diverse. Daemons leave the woods and fields and enter the drawing rooms.” He nodded, “I like this idea. Let me know how I can help you.” I giggled softly as I walked down the hall, He doesn’t know, I can’t write about the daemonic without writing about You. But I can write about You without mentioning You.


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