Five Minute Friday – Friend

I’ve had a dear Friend my entire life. My memory goes back to somewhere about three. He was there. Over and over, He has proved His friendship, even when I’m the worst friend imaginable. I call Him Lord, Father, Jesus, Beloved, and, always, Friend. It’s been harder for me to be with people than with Him.

For a long time, I thought everyone had God as their best Friend. It still stuns me that so many live without Him. Sometimes I try to imagine how it must be & I fail. Once, I was complaining about being alone & my Friend told me, “You know what it’s like to be without people, but you don’t know what it means to be alone.” I don’t want to know. I need His shoulder to lean on. I must rest my heart in His hands. I need my Friend.


Tell me what you think. Thanks.

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